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Frequently Asked Questions

     Here are some FAQ provided for you. If you are not satisfied with these, please contact us here.


Does IES offer any scholarship or financial aid?

    No, IES currently does NOT offer any scholarship nor financial aid. We are aware that many students and junior scientists are concerned about finances. So instead of offering scholarships or aid, we try our best to cover as much costs as possible with funds and in-kind contributions. 
    In other words, a large portion of actual tuition for a program such as accommodations and meal is ALREADY covered by IES sponsors, partners, and local hosting institutions, so as to ease the financial pressures on students by lowering the tuition fee as much as possible. 
    In addition, we offer Travel Grants to some students whose plane ticket costs more than others due to the distance. Travel Grant will help limited numbers of students to partially cover their travel cost.


When do I submit an appeal letter for Travel Grant?

    Travel Grant appeal letter is accepted on a rolling base, which means that the earlier you submit, the higher the change of receiving the grant is. 
    The appeal letter for Travel Grant requires the proof of plane ticket purchase: itinerary and receipt of the flight. Students can apply only after they have purchased the plane ticket. 
    Please be aware that not all applied students can receive the grant for the amount of Travel Grant available is limited and different for each program. Click here to learn how to submit Travel Grant.


I am not a ecology-related major, but really interested in field-based ecology course. Can I apply?

    As long as you meet the eligibility of IES (18+ and 1+ (under)graduate), we welcome all of you to apply. We respect your interest and diversity. Please describe thoroughly all ecology-related activities and involvement on the application. 
    However, unrelated major to ecology and environment can have disadvantage in the selection process because IES course includes lectures, experiments, research, and field works that require intensive background knowledge in ecology, environment, and even data management. 


Can I receive a transcript for the course I've taken?

    No, IES currently does NOT offer a grade or transcript. Instead, students are awarded a certificate issued by IES upon completion of the course. 
    Whether this certificate magically transforms into your credits or not depends on you and your university. You can always make an appeal to your professor or university to make a summer or winter course that can be substituted with external training programs like IES. Considering the amount of total course hours per 2 weeks, a course may be equivalent to 2-3 credits. 


What is an invitation letter and when can I get one?

     Invitation letter is a formal letter saying you are invited to the course. It might be required for some nationals to obtain a visa or to receive a grant from school or other institution.
    Invitation letter is sent out through email, only after your enrollment to the course is confirmed by your action of both completing registration and paying tuition fee. If you don't receive one in a week after the enrollment, please contact us at

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