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Visit to Research Sites in Australia

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Dates: February 15~20, 2019

Participants: Ohseok Kwon (KLTER Chair/Korea), Youngsun Kim (EAP-ILTER Education & Outreach Committee Chair), Youngjin Jang (EEMICF), Sunghoon Lee (EEMICF), Sung Bae Park (IES)

Visited Research Sites: Moreton Bay Research Station and Study Center, University of Queensland, Samford Ecological Research Facility, Daintree Rainforest Observatory (Jamescook University)

Moreton Bay Research Station and Study Center

Moreton Bay Research Station and Study Center is on North Stradbroke Island, so we got to Victoria Point by car from Brisbane downtown and then took a boat.

We looked around the facility. It has very spacious seminar room and well-equipped laboratory. Nice breeze from the beach right next to the facility was peaceful. The beach would be a perfect place to take a break or go for a walk.

University of Queensland

University of Queensland is a prominent University in Australia, only 10 mins far from the Brisbane Downtown.

The campus was beautifully green. The laboratory was full of new equipment with advanced technologies.

We proposed the initiation of IES project and signed the MOU with University of Queensland. If a program is held here in the future, participants will be awarded the university credits.

Samford Ecological Research Facility

Samford Ecological Research Facility is located 40 mins away from Brisbane downtown by car.

This facility is mainly researching the impacts of urban development on the ecosystems. Field site is easily accessible from the facility and equipped with sensors for monitoring. It would be suitable for one-day field trip training during the program.

Daintree Rainforest Observatory, Jamescook University

Daintree Rainforest Observatory is 2.5 hrs away from Cairns Airport and had very nice and clean facilities.

We had amazing experiences in this observatory. We saw gigantic insects that are rare in Korea and met a cute Koala. We even had an opportunity to go up on the canopy crane! This place is great to feel the tropical forest of Australia.


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