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Visit to Research sites in Taiwan

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Dates: August 7~9, 2019

Participants: Ohseok Kwon (KLTER Chair/Korea), Sung Bae Park (IES), Yura Rhee (IES)

Visited Research Sites: Fushan Research Center

IES Meeting

On the first day in Taiwan, we had a meeting with the principal, Hen-biau KING and the deputy principal, Chau-Chin Lin to discuss the initiation and management of IES. New director of Fushan Research Center, Sheng-Shan Lu and Chair of EAP-ILTER Information Management Committee, Chi-LIng Chen also attended the meeting. We decided that IES will be launched in September this year and proposed that the first program will be held in Taiwan in December this year or January next year.

Fushan Research Center

Fushan Research Center is 2 hours away from Taipei Songshan Airport(TSA) by car. To get there, we had to go deep into the mountain. It was raining due to the typhoon approaching.

Fushan Research Center mainly researches the vegetation in the forest and monitors the change. It is surrounded by the high ranges of mountains. There is Fushan Botanical Garden and a trail nearby where students go for observation and sample collection. It has a quiet and beautiful scenery with clean air.

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