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        You are accepted to the IES course. Congratulation! Now it's time to confirm your enrollment by registering and paying for the tuition. Please submit the enrollment form and pay for the tuition by April 30. As receipt of your tuition is confirmed, IES office will send you confirmation email of enrollment with information package.


The form has been submitted.

Now pay the tuition below.


   Paying for tuition is the last step to confirm your enrollment. The deadline to pay the tuition is April 30, and the tuition for 'International Field Biology Course' is $300, NOT including a transaction fee. You can pay by Paypal account, Debit/Credit card, or bank transfer.

   For Paypal or Debit/Credit Card Option, please click 'pay the tuition' button and pay $313.5 including a transaction fee. If you still need an invoice, please fill out the form below.

   For bank transfer option, please fill out the form below to request an invoice. Please be aware that even though this way the currency rate is better, the international transfer fee might be higher than a card transaction fee. Bank transfer is recommended for Korean students.

   As your payment is confirmed, IES office will send out confirmation email with invitation letter and information package for your enrolled course. 

Thank you for submitting! Invoice will be emailed soon.


After you receive confirmation email, start to prepare your trip to IES course.

  1. Apply for your visa and purchase the plane ticket. Check the remaining valid period of your passport as well.

  2. Purchase the travel insurance that can cover your out-of-state/abroad injuries and send the proof to IES office at If you fail to prove you insurance, your enrollment would be cancelled.

  3. Apply for travel grant that will help reduce your travel cost. For more information, please click here.

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